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Local Government Section Information Session
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Location: York Street Cafe - Newport, KY

The Local Government Section will meet noon at York Street Café in Newport on Thursday June 8, 2017.

June 11 is my birthday, so if you want to bring bottles of old expensive bourbon Thursday, no problem.

For the agenda:

  1. Missing board members. You have a meeting scheduled. It’s a five-member board. Two board members are out of town. The meeting must go forward as an important issue must be resolved. One board member who can attend the meeting has a conflict of interest in the subject matter to be discussed. Now, you’re down to two out of five board members. What do you do? Look at KRS 61.826. We’ll talk about it.
  2. User fee vs. a tax. When is a fee not a tax, and when is a tax not a fee? A case is pending before the Kentucky Supreme Court where personal liability was imposed on elected officials. The city in question, Audubon Park, allowed sanitation fee or tax funds to be used for other purposes. The Kentucky League of Cities has filed an Amicus Curiae in the case.
  3. New state laws impacting local governments. We’ll try to sort through a few of them. There are many changes in the new laws.

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